Serpent & Rose

The Alchemy of Eros & Spirit


Caity bridges the worlds of love and alchemy together through her practices as a modern day medicine woman. Her combination of Tantra, somatic, and shamanic practices allows her to move seamlessly between the physical and mystic worlds in service of heart, mind, and body. She fully believes that everyone can live a fully embodied and purpose driven life.

Her personal written works have been feature in numerous international channels. In private practice she offers tantric and somatic coaching devoted bridging the divide between the feminine and the masculine. In addition to her work in private practice, she also runs a shamanic herbalism school focused around to helping you heal with the knowledge that you are already the medicine you need.

Her forthcoming experiential offering: "The Shakti Series" will be the public unveiling of six years of study and private practice. It will be the first synthesis of healing work that exist at the intersection of tantric practices, trauma informed somatic healing, and shamanic plant medicine.

You can find more about Caity's work at:

Caity Reilly, San Francisco, CA

With clients in San Francisco, San Jose, Marin, and New York City