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Couple’s Tantra Experiences

Couple’s Tantric Ceremony
A space of honoring and awakening for you as a couple. Be held in a safe and sacred container where you will learn through accessible teaching and direct experience the ways to bring Tantric ceremony into your partnership. Explore your edges of receiving from another and your partner. Learn how to bring worship, devotion, and new levels of passion into your relationship. And fall more deeply in love with your beloved, taking tools with you to continue to stoke the fires of your relationship, and a ceremony to come back into connection again and again. 

Sessions are 2-2.5 hours and can be held in my private studio in San Francisco or in the comfort of your home. Sessions are available for couples of all orientations and relating dynamics (monogamous/non-monogamous/poly). 

Couple’s Tantric Ceremonies can be combined with coaching sessions or couple’s private advanced study programs which you can read about below!

Couples Tantra Programs

Deepen your relationship, open to new levels of intimacy, and ignite your love-making!

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Our next circle begins April 22nd, 2019!

Registration is open now and space is limited!

Come experience sex as a sacred ritual – one that opens us up for both healing and bliss. Step into deeper devotion and intimate connection with your partner. Let your lovemaking become an act of prayer. This is an advanced experiential course to open you to see divine light within each other, to heal the imbalance between masculine and feminine, to come into expanded states of consciousness, and touch into our vast inter-connectedness with all of life.

Tantric ritual provides a path from our mundane world into an experience of the sacred. The sexual energy that we generate during sexual ritual can be harnessed for our awakening or to powerfully manifest our intentions. Group rituals are even stronger because we direct the synchronized, combined group energy for personal transformation.

Expressing sexuality in a sincere and intentional way in the presence of others is a radical act. It can involve intense internal work, as our shame, guilt, and insecurities come up. And these can be profoundly healing and opening. Thus lovemaking rituals carried out together in a group can be especially powerful on many levels, and they are not to be undertaken lightly. If you’re ready, though, the experience can be indescribably blissful.  

Over the course of this month, you’ll be learning about Sex Magic, which is the intentional use of sexual energy to empower our prayers.

We’ve customized each of these Tantric Rituals to be supportive and celebratory of your partnership. All of the rituals will focus primarily on your connection with your partner. The energy that you two are generating together is then connecting and contributing to the group field. 

This 4-week series of Advanced Tantric Rituals will be unlike any party or workshop you’ve ever experienced!


Here’s what to expect

* Experience 4 sacred Tantric rituals with your partner

* Learn how to bring ceremony into your everyday lovemaking for passion, intimacy, and divinely-hot sex

* Manifest your intentions through sex-magic

* Go deep into healing your wounds and embody your sexual wholeness

You must come with a partner or lover for the duration of the course. Held within the ritualistic container, there will be nudity and sexual intercourse in the space. You will only be engaging sexually with your partner – the focus of each ritual is on the partnership, which then contributes to the group field. With that in mind, we will be sharing a very intimate space within the group.


Ritual 1: Nyasa (see below)

Ritual 2: Men’s Root Awakening

Ritual 3: Women’s Yoni Empowerment

Ritual 4: Maithuna 


Rituals gain potency with secrecy. So we’re only posting full information for the first ritual we’ll be doing on this event page. When you sign up, you’ll receive all the info you need. What we can say is these rituals will include chakra empowerment and awakening, sex magic, transfiguration of divine energies, and deep emotional vulnerability and healing. The foundation of the container we’re creating is safety, consent, and mutual respect.

Ritual #1 – Nyasa

“Nyasa can refer to ritual touching of various parts of the body while saying prayers or mantras. In so doing, you are awakening a quality of the divine and assigning or placing it in that area of the body.”
~Loren Roche, Radiance Sutras

The nyasa ritual that we’ll be performing is a beautiful way to open to the divine in ourselves and to experience the divine in our partner. This ritual is a modern adaptation of an ancient Tantric ceremony. The Sanskrit word, Nyasa, means “to place”. In this ritual, one partner will be emissive – Shiva – and will use visualization, energy, touch, and mantra to awaken the chakras of the receptive partner, Shakti.  As the energy is placed, we transfigure the Shaktis into manifestations of the goddess, Lalita Tripura Sundari is the goddess of love, desire, and sacred sexuality. She’s the perfect divine energy to initiate our group:

Through this ritual, you and your partner will step into the divine energies of Shiva worshiping his consort, Lalita. You’ll feel the power of devotion, awaken your desire, and offer you sexual energy as a gift to the universe!

This is only the first of four rituals – they only get deeper and more powerful from here!

Other Details

** Capacity is limited to 13 couples – we expect to sell out so please reserve your space

** You must attend the 1st and the 4th rituals – it is possible, though not recommended, to miss either #2 or #3

** We have some capacity to offer low-income discounts. Please apply here:

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Curious to learn more about “Advanced Tantric Rituals” or my other offerings for couple?

Private Sessions & Advanced Studies

For a full offering of private 1:1 Couples Tantra Programs please use the link below to see the breadth of introductory and advanced studies that my partner and co-founder Matt Sturm and I offer together and individually.

I am also available for 1:1 coaching with couples, as well as, for tantric couples’ massage and private priestess work for personalized ceremonies in group or individual settings.

Please email me at to find out more about this work!

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