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Tantric Yoni Massage

for women/female bodied folks  

A deep dive into inner awakening, healing, and activating of your Yoni and energetic body

The “yoni” (Sanskrit word for the female genitals) is considered the seat of creation and direct portal to the Divine. With this reverence and devotion to the wisdom of the feminine, tantric yoni massage was developed as an ancient practice for healing and awakening.

Today we practice, within a safe and sacred container, we can connect to the body to accept all parts of you and whatever is present, without judgement or expectation. I practice deeply listening to the messages of your body and with loving presence, skillful touch, and the dance of our arousal, we harness the body’s sexual energy as fuel for your healing, awakening and spiritual growth.

Each tantric yoni massage is a ceremony and unique to each person and moment. No two sessions are alike, however all session are held with deep integrity, a trauma-informed lens, and reverence and love for each beings’ process. Ultimately, these sessions are a journey of self-realization – with the receiver guiding their own experience of shedding the fear, guilt, and shame; of healing past wounds and trauma. Through this work we are able to step into our divine radiant selves, as powerful, sexual, loving, and blissful beings.

This is a safe and sacred space of learning, receiving, and remembering your sensual, sexual, erotic, and spiritual self. This 3 hour ceremony includes: 

- Somatic experiencing work to ground and regulate the nervous system 

- Guided breath-work to open the subtle energy and physical body. We will combine this with gentle movement to prepare the body for the mapping and massage portion. 

-Shamanic journeying and energy work for meeting and awakening the energetic voice of your Yoni and divine feminine

- Yoni mapping - a hands on genital exploration to help you locate the different parts of your Yoni, to point out erectile (arousal) tissue, and learn your unique anatomy of arousal

- Dearmoring - a hands on massage to using pressure points, breathwork, and deep presence to release tension and trauma from the pelvis, genital tissue and psyche

- Yoni Massage - a hands on genital massage to bring deeper understanding of your arousal, sexual energy and ways you can channel this!

- Cervical Awakening - re-sensitization and awakening of the cervix using energy work, hands on massage, and guided breath-work to help you experience and open to the pleasure and orgasmic potential of this sacred part of your Yoni

- Integration time - a post massage space for you to ground and digest your experience. We will also talk about tools to take with you and outline a clear practice guide that is just for you! And have a delicious feast for the senses (think lots of yummy fruit and chocolate) to celebrate.

What is Tantric Yoni Massage?

Tantric Yoni massage is also known as “sacred spot” massage in the US and was first brought over in the 1980’s by Andro Andreas Rothe in Germany and further developed by Annie Sprinkle, Mantak Chia, Joseph Kramer, and Charles Muir. As such, it is a modern addition to Tantra. The two outcomes of this technique are healing and awakening. We harness the power of our sexual energy to contact and release our traumas, creating more space inside and expanding our awareness to the full bliss that is available to us. It’s one of the most powerful modalities I’ve encountered and as a sexual trauma survivor and practitioner I truly believe and can advocate for personally and professionally the transformational potential of this work.

My practice is informed by trauma-sensitive somatic practices, sexological bodywork, as well as, “sacred spot” massage practices. I also incorporate shamanic energy work, reiki, and breathwork as a part of all hands on work that I offer. My sessions are not just about you experiencing deep pleasure, but are about empowering you to take these tools and practices with you to continue to cultivate deeper sexual sovereignty and the range of your sexual energy outside of our session work.

A Note About The Efficacy Of This Work

In my personal and professional experience with Tantric Yoni massage and sexual healing practices I see over and over again that this work is most beneficial when experienced over a longer range of time. While one time Tantric sessions allow us to experience the potent transmission and a re-energizing of our sensual energy, on-going work allow us to truly address the core wounds and traumas that block our sexual energy in the first place.

When we allow ourselves the gift of time, we learn how to create a sense of safety in ourselves that is vital to allowing our sexual energy to thrive. In this work we must show up for our healing first; this often looks like releasing emotions and traumas from the body somatically AND THEN on the other side of this our sexual energy begins to grow, flow, and take us on a wild ride of awakening.

Through on-going work we have the space to re-pattern on deep somatic levels and to clear our the emotions & wounds, we create the firm foundation for our sexual energy to return to us, to reawaken, and to become a deep ally in our personal and spiritual growth.

That is why I recommend women who are really ready to dive into this work give themselves the gift of a month-long immersion to start and truly reap the benefits of investing in your sexual wellness.

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$750 for 1 - 3 hour Ceremony


Sexual Healing Immersion Package

$2000 for 4 - (3 hour) sessions as a Part of A Month Long Immersion with On-Going Support

($500 per 3 hour session - 4 sessions included)

Sessions as a part of the Month- Long Immersion may include:

- Somatic coaching work (nervous system regulation)

- Tantric Yoni massage (de-armoring work, trauma release, sexual activation)

- Tantric Priestess initiation (learning the skills of Tantric massage & ceremony)

-Experiencing your own personalized Tantric ceremonies and rituals

- Consent & boundary work (re-patterning from trauma and attachment wounds)

- Relationship coaching (communication skills and practices)

- Shamanic energy work, sound healing, & Reiki (via hands on work and distance)

- Exclusive invites and discounts on my in-person circles and workshops

- On-going soul work and practices to deepen your work between sessions

- On-going support via phone and email between sessions

Sessions are tailored to meet your unique needs and desires and are co-created as we move deeper into our work together. I also offer discounts on on-going sessions for clients who have completed a month-long immersion.

To book a session please email

Session Details

I offer sessions in my home studio in Outer Sunset, San Francisco

and every 3 months in NYC.

Payments can be made via credit card, Venmo or PayPal - payment plans available

Please note payments are due upon scheduling - sessions are non-refundable once scheduled

The Shakti Session

Temple Arts Priestess & Tantric Dakini Initiation


The Shakti Session

Month Long Advanced Priestess Mentorship & Tantric DAkini Initiation

Are you ready to embody your full sexual power and sovereignty?

Are you feeling the call to be a Temple Arts Priestess or Tantric Dakini?

Does your path require more advanced, one-on-one training in Tantra, shamanism, and sexual temple arts by a dedicated practitioner?

The Shakti Sessions are a month-long deep dive into sexual empowerment and spiritual awakening. Through this course you’ll work one-on-one with me to heal blocks to love, intimacy, and your pleasure that you may be carrying. You will be supported to ignite your sexual energy so it infuses every aspect of your life and learn how to cultivate this energy and use it skillfully. AND you will learn how to heal yourself and others with this energy, create your own tantric & shamanic rituals, and receive direct transmissions of ancient tantric ceremonies.

Imagine walking through the world where it is safe to be in your body and in your erotic expression and turn on.

Imagine projecting and holding safe, strong boundaries, so that others meet your sexual expression with deep reverence, respect, and love.

Imagine  your full, juicy turn-on, eroticism flowing through you, alivening and awakening your natural vitality and radiance.

Imagine using your sexual energy to heal yourself and other through ritual and ceremony. Imagine feeling confident, supported, and empowered to step into your role as temple arts priestess & Dakini fully.

When we heal our trauma, bring our sexual energy powerfully online, and weave together the erotic and Divine, it unleashes creativity, abundance, confidence, power, and deep nourishing pleasure. We can harness our sexual energy to open to our vast interconnection with Spirit and Life and awaken to the truth of our life’s purpose.

Working directly with me, you’ll receive direct guidance for your personal healing and empowerment journey. I’ll provide the structure and resources and to support you in bringing this powerful energy online in your life.

Within clear boundaries and a strong energetic container, we’ll cultivate your unique expression of the erotic and Divine, that will amp the energy far beyond what’s possible with solo practice. 

This month-long intensive course includes four one-on-one sessions customized for you.

Depending on your growth path, sessions include either giving or receiving sacred spot massage, trauma-informed somatic coaching, shamanic journeying and breath-work and initiation into advanced Tantric ritual. You’ll receive daily self-pleasure and Tantric energy practices to build your sexual capacity. And you’ll receive ongoing coaching and counselling throughout the month.

The Shakti Sessions Journey Includes:

Four 3hour private sessions

Customized daily Tantric practices

Ongoing coaching for the duration of the month

A Private Initiation Ceremony & Celebration at the Completion of Your Training!

An Invitation to Begin Assisting With this Work & On-Going Support In Stepping Into Your Role as a Dakini



Payments can be made via Venmo or PayPal

Please note - this immersion is only available to clients who have completed a personal month-long sexual healing immersion with me

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More About The Shakti Session

"The Shakti Series" is the unveiling of over six years of study and private practice in Tantra, core shamanism, Taoist practices, somatic healing, and temple arts. It is the first synthesis of healing work that exist at the intersection of tantric practices, trauma informed somatic healing, and shamanic plant medicine.

To explore more abut Caity's sexual sovereignty mentorships please email: 

Caity Reilly, San Francisco, CA

With clients in San Francisco, San Jose, Marin, and New York City