Serpent & Rose

The Alchemy of Eros & Spirit


“Even the most devout and divine... the most seen, felt, and adept, will find favor in her affection. Caity elicits the most sensual wit that can dial into the pockets of your spine. An archetype of conscious flight, stripping you naked of shame and guilt, only to allow you to discover the very being within. Where we as humans struggle, is precisely where she soars, leaving behind a magnificent swell of love. Gratitude, to you, Caity. All, is heightened because of you...”
— J, San Francisco
How can I begin to describe what it is like to receive this woman’s medicine when receiving is something I have hardly ever allowed myself?

What is it like to step into Caity’s Temple?

My body became a holy shrine.
My masculine hallowed in devotional tenderness.
The holy sacrament of healing pleasure ministered by a feral priestess of the Feminine Mystery.
An unraveling of shame help for so long in my send and desire.
Dear, long-held in my body melting away in the presence of such sensitive exploration and honoring.

I have been humbled and enlarged by this experience.My masculinity is more magnetic than ever. I am capable of receiving greater pleasure than ever. I am more inspired than ever to plunge deeply into ecstatic worship of my partner’s orgasmic delight.

Let’s just say this is an exponential, multi-dimensional WIN! I don’t care what you have tried, you’ve never experienced anything like this.”
— J, Santa Cruz
Caity is an incredible and gifted healer! She created a safe space and helped me remember many things I had forgotten about myself and my nature. It was a profound experience and major milestone in my journey of self-love and spiritual exploration.

I could not recommend Caity more highly. I hope everyone who is ready for this kind of healing work gets an opportunity to work with someone as powerful and sensitive as Caity!”
— S, New York City
Safe, seen, heard, held. These are some of the words that jump to mind to describe the way in which Caity weaves her magic.

I came to Caity with more questions than answers – seeking counseling and curious about tantric healing work as a path to address issues of sexual intimacy and emotional blockages I was experiencing that were keeping me from fully connecting with myself and my partners in relationship and in the bedroom. The idea of diving into such personal territory with someone new was accompanied by a fair deal of nerves and anxiety but, from the outset, I knew I was in excellent hands with Caity.

Her communication around her work and her process was incredibly clear leading up to our session, and allowed me to dive right in, knowing I was in her trusting care.

In person, Caity effortlessly puts you at ease, with a quiet grace and seriousness of presence that allows for complete relaxation and a clear sense of being seen, heard, and held. Her studio was an oasis, and she cultivates a sacred and sensual space where I felt completely empowered to bare my soul and open up to my raw, vulnerable self.

I am a person who carries his pains and traumas deep in my body, and Caity’s mix of somatic training and tantric ritual touch worked wonders. During our session, we moved gracefully and seamlessly through talk, somatic body work and healing therapeutic touch as Caity gently probed and guided me to open up, relax, and feel into the places in my body where I was feeling stuck – helping me release deep, subconscious bodily and emotional pains buried in my muscle memory.

The healing was palpable! After just one session with Caity, I left feeling more embodied, more connected to my power center and source of my sexual desire, and freed of many of the bodily and emotional blockages that had been holding me back from experiencing deeper intimacy both in my daily life and in the bedroom.

The days following our session have seen me feeling lighter and more connected to life and my sense of purpose than I had before, and I am looking forward to the next time I can schedule time with Caity to go back in to delve even deeper.

I am incredibly grateful to have found her, and would highly recommend that if you’ve been considering seeking this kind of work, that you take the leap and say yes to meeting your higher potential, with Caity as the ultimate soul guide!

— N, San Francisco

Caity Reilly, San Francisco, CA

With clients in San Francisco, San Jose, Marin, and New York City